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DOBSON HOUSE Hospice of the Valley
Mesa, AZ

Dobson House Hospice of the Valley provides personalized services and a caring community so that patients and families can attain the necessary preparation for a death that is satisfactory to them. 

This hospice offers a comprehensive program of care to patients and families facing a life threatening illness. Patients have made a decision to spend their last months in a homelike setting

Dobson House is designed to give the dying are comfort. The facilities are designed to provide high quality professional medical care and sophisticated symptom relief. 

Since the patient and family are both included in the care plans our designs include areas for emotional, spiritual and practical support – Grieving areas, gardens and entertainment/recreational facilities

-14,000 Sq. Ft
-7 Beds
-Grieving Center
-Outdoor patios
-Entertainment Center
-Office facilities

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Dobson House Hospice of the Valley
“Enhancing Quality of Life through Compassionate Care”
Mesa, AZ


"Dreams Made Real"


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